Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Carwash Comes with Complementary Lightning

Nimes, France
On the way to Cavalaire-sur-Mer, we stopped in Nimes to see the Roman ampitheatre. It's still used for bullfighting to this day. While not on the same scale as the Colosseum, it was more intact.

Pont du Gard
Yannick had seen the Pont du Gard before, but I hadn't so he insisted on going. As far as aqueducts go, it was mighty impressive, and I've seen my fair share of aqueducts.

On the road towards Marseille, we were caught in a thunderstorm, which was quite perfect because our car was dirty. We parked so that the rain could better wash away the dirt, and once it had finished, we faced the car in the other direction so it would clean the other side. I can count the number of times it rained when we were travelling on one hand. We were pretty lucky. But when it rains it pours! (Even the UK was having a drought when we were there, how thoughtful.)

The close, tall buildings now remind me of Venice (but of course at that point we hadn't been there yet).

Scooters were very popular here, as you can see from this long line of parked examples.
I've just now noticed, on closer inspection of this photo, that there is something called 'King's Pub'. I suppose that this is sort of like having a French restaurant in England. (But French food is much nicer. Nice-r, get it? Don't look at me like that, there had to be at least one Nice joke in this post.)

While I understand the desire to lay on a beach in such clement weather, this beach was covered in small rocks which looked uncomfortable. Clearly the beach-goers didn't mind, as there were hordes of them all vying for a space to stretch out.

We ascended an old tower that allowed us to better see Nice. By the beach is the promenade along the Bay of the Angels (Baie des Anges).

As an aside - while in France, we sometimes found funny things printed on bakery bags:

The grand Nom! Of the tradition.

Pretty self explanatory: Sandwiches, PAIN.

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