Monday, 19 August 2013

Portofino e Cinque Terre

Portofino, Italy

It definitely is a place for rich people - we paid €5,50 to park for one hour in Portofino! That's the most we've paid yet, including Andorra and Monaco. 
I can see why though. It is beautiful, the bunched up buildings portraying an indescribable charm. 

The Cinque Terre came later that day. We purchased train passes and went to three of the five towns. 
It was far too easy to lose your bearings in the tiny winding roads and staircases. It was even very time consuming to find the train station from where we had parked our car. 

The buildings were all painted white or pink or some shade of yellow. It felt almost magical to see a place with so much coordination, like the buildings were all designed by one person and then some terrible engineer stuck them together to form towns with no pedestrians in mind. 

Despite the frequent ascending, descending, and backtracking, the towns were quaint and made you feel like you were in a different time. Just imagine yourself on one of those colourful little boats, rowing out to catch a fish for your dinner. You could do that now as well as hundreds of years ago. 

We drank a lot of water as it was tiring to walk in the sun. I noticed a small blister but thought nothing of it. With so much walking it was practically expected. 

The terraced hills sported many little vineyards among other crops. It would take some effort to harvest them, but the wine at the end would probably be worth it. Someone thought so, as these terraces apparently took hundreds of years to carve. 

These tiny trucks were all over the area, being small enough to navigate through the narrow roads. It never failed to amuse us to see a fully grown man tuck himself inside and putter off. 

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