Saturday, 17 August 2013

Some Huge Buildings: Part IV - Barcelona

The Cathedral
This was a formidable sight looming down. No one seemed put off though, as dozens of tourists were happily posing and snapping away at their cameras. I guess gothic architecture doesn't have quite the effect it used to. 

Gaudí's Casa Batllo
These apartments aren't exactly huge, but they are interesting (and pretty big). I thought I'd like to live there, until I remembered that being inside them meant you wouldn't be looking at the outside. 

Gaudí's La Sagrada Familia
It is said that you will either love or hate the cathedral designed by Gaudí that is still in the process of being built one hundred years after comencement. While unsure initially, I'm definitely in the love basket. Not quite sure what he was thinking putting a Christmas tree covered in doves in the middle but it somehow works. 

We also saw the Picasso museum which focused on his earlier works. I entered, took a look at the first drawing and declared "...that's interesting" (meaning "that's not very good"), to which Yannick replied "he was nine". It seemed much better with that information. 

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