Friday, 2 August 2013

Tiny Windmills with Names

Consuegra, Spain

Consuegra has a nice little collection of windmills, each with their own name which is rather adorable. They did not seem to be in working order, as their wind vanes were wired in a way that meant they could not be moved by the wind, which is what windmill vanes are wont to do, for purposes of milling and such forth.
Upon closer inspection, the windmills are not so tiny as they first appear, as you can see by the castle nearby. The castle was outfitted with old bits of furniture that whoever organised the place thought interesting or perhaps historical. I found it a little strange but at least it was different than the usual empty castle. Sigh, I am getting so tired of those. (Sarcasm.)

This one's name is Sancho.

This one would like to be called Chispas and kindly asks you obey his wishes. 

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