Saturday, 17 August 2013

I'm on a boat!

Cavalaire-sur-Mer, France

The setting: the south of France. The time: early August. We stayed four nights and there was a power cut on every one of them. We thought it was our fault. 
The days were spent by the pool or on Yannick's uncle Vincent's boat, swimming and sunbathing. 

We taught Yannick's youngest cousin how to play Plants vs Zombies and he became addicted. With my limited French, I threw in an occasional comment such as "c'est bon" (and "il est mort" twice, in reference to a zombie and a mosquito respectively). 

When we anchored at this bay, Vincent dove into the water. Upon surfacing (from the twenty six degree water), he said "It's so cold. I might die."

Yannick even went wakeboarding. 
After driving over ten thousand kilometres in four weeks, it was nice to get some relaxation in. 

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  1. Hey there. You are looking great. And the scenery looks very nice to. I'm sure that after that much time of logging kilometers that having a break is nice. Tell Yannick he is taking great photos. All my best to the two of you.