Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cacti and Small Cats

Valencia, Spain

Everywhere in Spain we went, we saw small cats. They were everywhere - at campgrounds, in little medieval streets, and even at cactus gardens.

Our first stop in Valencia was the botanic gardens. Possibly not the place tourists flock to first, but we heard there was a cacti garden and we were excited. 
We were not disappointed! There was a whole range of different cacti, some of which I'd never seen before. The most plentiful were the prickly pear, but some were very tall and straight, and others grew along the ground.

We had to be very careful here because everywhere we turned were sharp spiked ready to jab us. 

This one looks like a dancing cowboy. 

Yannick picking up a not quite so small cat. 

This little cat wasn't impressed with us taking his picture, but he didn't stir, barely blinking. He would have been a formidable opponent in a game of poker. 

For dinner, we went to a little restaurant and ordered paella. We wanted to try it in Valencia because the local variety of paella used 'land animals' rather than seafood (we don't much like seafood). I'm not exactly sure what meats were in it, but there was definitely chicken or some type of fowl. It was excellent, and we had sangria as an accompaniment. While we were eating, a man broke a bottle on the footpath. At first I thought he was a drunk, but it looked more like olive oil, and he spent a long while trying to clean it all up. Very considerate.

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