Friday, 26 July 2013

The Zoo! Also the Pyrenees

Preparing to cross the Pyrenees and venture into Spain, we spent the night in Lourdes, where there so happened to be a zoo. But this was no ordinary zoo! It was a zoo full of animals that you might find residing in the Pyrenees. I was pretty excited and that's why we went.
A grand brown bear. So majestical, chillin' on that log. He probably made the log by pushing down a whole tree with his bearly might!

After the zoo (which I didn't want to leave), we set a course for Anso, a little town in Spain, and spent many hours driving along very narrow winding roads. 

It looks like there's a sapling growing from my head. What is seen cannot be unseen. 

 Anso was cute town, and Spanish-looking. We tried to ask a lady in a dairy where a campground was. She told us that the word we were using, "campamento", was a word you use for children's camps. From then on, we used "camping" said in a Spanish accent. (This is very similar to France, where you use the word "camping" said in a French accent.)

We didn't end up finding a campground, so we stayed in that lovely hotel room in Sos del Rey. Though the hotel in question had normal pillows, many hotels in Spain - and by many, I mean half of the hotels we stayed in (though he only stayed in 4 in total) - had one long pillow instead of two individual pillows. It was quite odd, and as we were very unused to it, it was uncomfortable as well. I didn't mind it too much, but Yannick likes to move his pillow around a lot and he couldn't do that without ripping the pillow from beneath my softly resting head. 

Things I Learned: Spain is a different colour.
The Spanish countryside is largely yellow from hay and wheat, followed closely by the green of shrubs and olive trees, and red in places where you can see the freshly ploughed earth. 

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