Monday, 22 July 2013


Edinburgh, Scotland

From Perth (not the Australian one) we took the train to Edinburgh, which took one and a quarter hours. We mainly just wandered the streets of the 'old town', which had plenty of little alleyways and things called 'closes' which are like alleys that go into a small courtyard (e.g. MacDougal's Close). 

Along Royal Mile - so called because it is between Edinburgh castle and Parliament, and some king or other walked along it a lot - were tons of gift shops selling tartan leggings, hats and kilts, alongside whiskey and postcards of the highland cows. Highland cows are brilliant - long haired and ginger, with horns. I found a calendar full of pictures of highland cows on Orkney but I wasn't sure if it would make a good gift, as I think I have a strange liking of these cows.

Yannick found a wall.

This man looks very noble, but the seagull does detract a bit. 

We briefly had a look around the Scottish National Museum. Very interesting artifacts, including a whole skeleton of a warrior's horse that had been sacrificed when he died and sent out to sea with his corpse. The history of Scotland certainly wasn't roses and butterflies.

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