Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel, France

A little medieval town atop a hill. It's said to be the least wheelchair friendly place in France, and I can see why. You have to park kind of far away, which isn't an issue because there are plenty of free shuttles that drop you outside. Then the ascent begins.

Up and down and along the walls and little streets. 
At one point we saw a very narrow gap between two tall buildings and walked up it. It may have been some kind of drainage system. Every little space you found brought many new places to explore. 

When we thought we'd gone nearly everywhere, we found a cemetery and a little park and a girl arguing on a mobile phone. And then we tried to find dinner, but by that time in the evening everything was closed or looked too touristy.

This was our view on our drive back to the campsite.

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