Friday, 5 July 2013

Crazy British Food

In the UK, we found many strange and wondrous food items. Chilled desserts flavoured like chocolate bars were a favourite: Rolo, Aero, and Milky Bar were the best. Yannick calls these 'chocolate yoghurts'.

We had to try Jammie Dodgers, but I prefer Shrewsbury biscuits myself.

Yannick was very excited to find coke bottle sweets in a 'pick and mix' section of a supermarket.

A big haul. Mars bar and Galaxy bar flavoured chocolate milk, white chocolate Aero dessert, an orange Aero bar, and a Magnum chocolate bar (rather than ice cream). We had great fun tasting all of these. We also bought a pack of five jam doughnuts from a supermarket for only £0.65 total! Mental. That's thirteen pence, or around twenty five New Zealand cents per doughnut. How do they even make a profit, I wonder.

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