Thursday, 8 September 2016

Sully-sur-Loire: Dinner Crepes and Chateau Traipse

Sully-sur-Loire, France (Sully-sur-Loire, France)
December 2015
On our long drive to the halfway point en route to Paris, I was attacked by stinging nettle as I took a bathroom break by the side of the road. However, the fiery white bumps on my foot had almost completely subsided by the time we checked into our sweet hotel room in Sully-sur-Loire. 
In stark contrast to a spartan Ibis Budget of the night before, we were pleased to find crimson velvet furnishings, polished wooden floors and fast wifi. Our room was also in the tower of a château lookalike. We fancy. (The one downside to our room was the toilet, which sounded as loud and alarming as an avalanche when flushed.)

Dinner was had at the Crêperie de la Sange, where we partook in French cider for the first time in a long time. I was slightly disappointed to drink from brightly coloured cups rather than the cute boules that are traditional, but such is life. First world prollems, right? Oh my gawd, they didn't serve my Val de Rance in a boule, how flippin' rude!

Wandering through the quaint little streets, we passed under Christmas lights that resembled fireworks and ended up at the château-fort for a spot of night time photography.

In the morning we packed up our things. We left the few remaining food items we couldn't take with us in the hotel room with a note in layman's French stating that it was free if anyone wanted it, otherwise poubelle. Before leaving the town we visited the château-fort in the daylight and considered entering, but decided against the pricey fee. We would need time to finish the drive to Paris anyway, we reasoned. The château-fort was built in 1218 initially as the main keep, evolving over the centuries to sprout towers and other sections. Voltaire had been sheltered inside during the early 1700's after a falling out with a member of the royal family. Not a smart move, bro. Yeah, you better run! (And hide in a château.)

Today's post was almost called: Problems Au Pied - Dance With The Nettle