Monday, 12 September 2016

Annecy, part two: Adrift the Midnight Nebula

Annecy, France (Annecy, France)
Christmas 2015
Aside from food and drink, we really didn't accomplish all that much in our week in Annecy. We felt very accomplished once we had finished watching the whole of the TV show Green Wing, and were very proud of ourselves whenever we left the flat for a wander.
One day as we left the flat, we saw that a crowd had gathered nearby and saw that a band was playing from a balcony. Happily, they weren't covering Christmas songs, at least not while we were there. 

On one evening a thick fog descended over the town and the streetlamps cast everything in a golden glow. The streets that were normally crowded with people and market stalls were nearly empty, as it was terribly cold and after midnight. 

We attempted to capture a shot of my breath, as every time I exhaled a huge plume of vapour jetted from my nostrils. Sadly it was not to be, as film is not yet as good as the naked eye. So instead, we loitered on street corners, Yannick counting down and me holding very still for the elongated shutter speed. 

The iconic island in the river was brightly lit, which managed to cut through the fog somewhat. It was from the bridge that this photo was taken that we heard bats on a previous evening. You could just make out their high-pitched squeaks as they darted in and out from under the bridge catching little unsuspecting insects. 

In our hearts we had had a deep longing for a white Christmas. As Annecy is in the Alps and at a high elevation from sea level, it's common to get snow during the winter. Though no snow fell while we were there, the town was so beautiful that it didn't really matter. We had good food, and warmth, and funny TV shows. We also had family, and that's the most important thing at Christmas.

Today's post was almost called: Caper In the Vapor - Mystical Nighttime Majesty