Thursday, 15 May 2014

Windy Windy Cliff Road

There's a road in Switzerland called the Tremola. As you can see from our GPS, it's quite windy and looks rather ridiculous on maps.

 Oddly described as "Switzerland's longest historical monument" by a tourist website, the Tremola is a centuries old cobblestoned road on the southern side of the Gotthard Pass. 

We saw very few others on this drive. A couple of motorcyclists passed us, their engines cutting through the serene mountain air. A fog rolled in, adding an extra layer of eeriness.

At the top, there was a large tawny plain with a little stream running through. Yannick took some pictures, and I took some pictures of Yannick taking pictures, and when he noticed me taking pictures of him, he started taking pictures of me, so I hid behind the iPad. 

But I won in the end because in taking a picture of me, he took a picture of himself in the reflection of the window.

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