Thursday, 29 May 2014

Tiny Countries Part Two: San Marino

City of San Marino, San Marino 

At first, parking wasn't too easy to find. We thought we had found a parking space, but then couldn't make sense of the sign above it and left in case we weren't supposed to be there. Driving further into the hilly town, we pulled into a car park that we definitely were allowed in. In fact, there were multiple levels of car parking space to allow for tourists, as it was the main industry in San Marino. That, and leather, but we'll get to that later. (Disclaimer: I don't know if the leather was actually made in San Marino, but they definitely sold a lot of it.)
From there, we found a glass elevator that transported us up near the walled town itself. There were a plethora of tour buses. 

A governmenty justicey building or something. 

There were several rather disturbing sculptures around San Marino. I don't even want to try to decipher what this one is depicting. 

As we wandered the streets, we saw many shops selling leather goods such as bags. I took this opportunity to badger Yannick into getting a new wallet, as his was ten years old and fastened with Velcro (which didn't work very well).
We were worried about getting lunch or gelato as all the food places looked like they catered to tourists heavily. However, we used a method of spotting good gelato, and we were not disappointed. Lonely Planet told us that if you look at the pistachio flavour of a gelateria, and it's a bright green colour, the gelato will be terrible and touristy. If it's an olive green colour, then it should be decent. A great method that I will employ in the future. So much gelato to be had!

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