Friday, 16 May 2014

The Well-Dressed Swiss

Zürich, Switzerland 

Zurich was a beautiful city. And it was filled with beautiful people - everyone was immaculately dressed so I quickly shrugged off my hoodie, stowing it away in my bag before anyone could judge me.

Our first stop was the cathedral. Huge and impressive, with lots of pointy bits. On many old buildings, the wood has perished, but that red spike thing at the top was built from wood. It may have been a reconstruction. 

We had cheese fondue, which is traditional to have in Switzerland. According to Asterix and Obelix (the comic), if you dropped your bread into the fondue you had to take a swim in the lake. Yannick dropped half of a piece of his bread in, so we ruled he would have to put his feet in the river. He didn't. I don't blame him; it looked cold. 

Also, you can see the colourful bags of chocolate we purchased. Sprungli was at the top of our agenda, where we bought the truffes du jour - truffles of the day (and tried not to eat them all immediately), followed by Teuscher where we gathered a small treasure trove of delectable flavours. My favourite was the coffee chocolate. The mint chocolate and lemon chocolate came closely behind. 

More wooden pointy things! This was probably some beautiful apartment along the waterfront. 
Looking outside through gauzy curtains, you see the yellowing leaves outside falling gently into the ebbing water. You feel a chill - the wind has picked up. Your forearm brushes past the picture frame you keep on the windowsill as you reach for the pale shutters and draw them closed. Clouds roll in. 

We found a hotel last minute in France. They had made a mistake with our booking, so we got upgraded to a better room for free! This is when I had excitedly jumped/collapsed onto the bed. The hotel was Formula One themed. Upon checking out in the morning, a fire alarm sent us on our way.

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