Monday, 2 November 2015

Cavtat: Look Up - Purple Kaboom!

Cavtat, Croatia (Cavtat, Hrvatska) 
Our last sightseeing venture in Croatia was in the pretty little town of Cavtat. It was recommended to us by the sweet elderly apartment owners in Dubrovnik and as it was on our way down the coast to Montenegro we took their advice. 
We leisurely strolled along the waterfront and spotted attractive churches. The town is a popular destination for holidaying luxury travellers who moor their enormous yachts at the quay. 
It was here that I finally managed to get a photo of these big purple flower bushes that look like fireworks frozen in time. Unfortunately it was getting too late in summer for them to be looking their best, so you just have to imagine them in full colourful bloom exploding out over balconies and alleyways. 
We took our time and enjoyed a chilled drink with a view of the Adriatic Sea. Our waiter was enthusiastic and a little odd. After explaining where we were from (waiter: "New Zelaland...that's near Australia right?", me: "Yes, but better.") and sipping away for a while, I went inside to use the bathroom and he greeted me with an emphatic "Hi!" as though I hadn't chatted with him minutes before. 
As this will be my last post on Croatia, I should introduce you to SpužvaBob Skockani - the Croatian name for SpongeBob SquarePants. We had to buy this awful bag at the supermarket Konzum because we were in desperate need of reusable shopping bags and this is all they had! The whole time we were in the country they were running a bizarre promotion where you would be given stickers if you spent a certain amount of money. Okay, I'll admit it was kinda fun. And Konzum had this great ad campaign with billboards that read "Konzum: Croatian word for supermarket". So good! I know it was only for tourists, but at least they made a joke out of it. 
Well, goodbye Croatia. My heart will always have a place for you and SpužvaBob. 

Today's post was almost called: Introducing the Jaundiced Sponge of Equilateral Trousers

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