Monday, 4 November 2013

Biscuit of the Gods

Meteora, Greece

This was the view from our hotel room. I said upon arrival "Those are some damn good rocks" and that statement stands. 

We liked the English translation on this sign. 

The bell tower of the monastery. I had to put on a wraparound skirt that was provided, as mine was not long enough for their liking. 

That monastery can be seen here from afar. Lookit the wee bell tower. Innit cute. 

This monastery was the most popular, as can be seen from the crowds going up the stairs. Good thing they don't still use rope ladders like the original monks. If that were the case there might not be so many visitors. You can still see the worn down rock that has turned white over the centuries from where the monks climbed up and down. 

Mount Olympus, Greece

We drove partway up Mount Olympus. There were donkeys in the road. I ate a biscuit. 

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