Monday, 7 October 2013

And then the CAGE comes down!

Landing in Igoumenista, Greece, we drove inland to Ioaninna. (Disclaimer: I may get some of the Greek names a bit wrong. And don't ask me how to pronounce them.)

The little streets of the Kastro. There was a small neighbourhood housed inside a citadel, with walls all around. It took us some time to find our way into the initial walls, and then the part with the Tomb had separate walls with only one entrance. We nearly gave up, but that's mostly because we heard it was closed on the day we arrived. 

In front of a religious building is the tomb of Ali Pasha. Not sure why he wanted a cage put on top of it. And in front of that is a very nice bin. 

A cafe with the ruins of older buildings next to it. Interesting that they need four chimneys. 

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