Sunday, 24 April 2016

Annecy, day one: Denis in the Sky with Autumns

Morning dawned and we said our goodbyes to our Airbnb host who kindly rummaged up a small box that we could use to house Fabienne's birthday present. On the way to Annecy, we drove along the eastern shore of Lac du Bourget, which was awash with autumnal leaves.

Even the vineyards were the colour of Dijon mustard - so very français!

Driving up a windy road, we took a picture of Denis for posterity's sake (#ipulledoverforthis) and very shortly after were thrown into a thick bank of fog!

So thick! So fog! So bank?

Annecy, France (Annecy, France)
October 2015
After cresting the hill, our visibility was slowly returned to us as the cloud dissipated and we stopped at a hypermarket for the last couple of additions to the present box. I selected a nice silver wrapping paper with gold stars on it which unfortunately turned out to be cellophane and therefore transparent (except for where the small stars obscured maybe 5% of what was underneath). Not ideal for a surprise!

A hearty range of foodstuffs was gifted, including Fabienne's portion of Croatian olive oil, Belgian Chokotoffs, and Italian prosecco, chips, soft drinks and chocolates. Profiterole the rabbit was a happy chappie.

After catching up for a bit in her centrally located flat, we explored the old town. There's a reason Annecy is such a tourist destination - it's beautiful! The river was oddly very low, but that didn't take away from the flowers still clinging to their petals and the quaint old buildings.

Luckily we visited at a time of respite from the crowds, as tourists had departed after the summer rush or were waiting for the ski season to begin. Autumn meant we could wander around in relative peace!

The lake had many small boats moored at its shores and its tiny island was positively exploding with autumnal trees. Framed by the surrounding mountains, it was quite a scene.

We got a good feel for the cobblestoned streets of the old town, with canals and bridges snaking through, flower potted window sills, stone archways and little alleys. We were looking forward to visiting the market the next day. The Airbnb we had booked was a ten-minute walk out of the centre, and our hosts were away for the weekend so we had it all to ourselves! We prepared a filling dinner paired with cider, walked Fabienne back to her flat and then slept very soundly.

Today's post was almost called: Ahoy Savoy! Alpine For You No Longer