Saturday, 26 March 2016

Parma: Midst Rosy Stones with Culinary Undertones

Parma, Italy (Parma, Italia)
October 2015
Having slept in at our Pisan campsite, we rushed to Parma and fretted over whether the trattoria we had set our sights on would still be serving. We needn't have worried! Not only was it still serving, but there was a line out the door. A kindly old man in a red cardigan (who seemed to be running the whole operation) instructed us to return in twenty minutes. Biding our time, we wandered nearby streets and checked out a knicknack market, a bookstore which also sold wine and a food market (which was selling French cider for €8 - outrageous).
took much enjoyment from finding beautifully decorated windows and doors. I'll admit I took too many photos of them, but look at that seashell pattern!
After twenty minutes passed, we rejoined the clamour of hopeful luncheoners at Trattoria del Tribunale and were ushered inside like lost children just as it started to drizzle.
To start we ordered a platter of cured meats (including prosciutto di Parma) and fried bread. These parcels were very similar to the fried bread that we first encountered in KorĨula, and we reminisced accordingly. I had mushroom risotto for my main (including parmigiano reggiano di Parma - aka Parmesan cheese), and to finish we sampled a couple of fruity desserts. 
Satiated, we strolled through the piazza del duomo and took a quick peek inside the cathedral. Finding the outside more interesting than the inside, we carried on to the baptistery. 
Now that's a door!
Oddly shaped, the battistero was arguably more interesting than the duomo. Construction began in the early 1100's but was delayed by a few hundred years due to unforeseen obstacles. The biggest set back was probably when the supply of pink Verona marble petered out. 
Passing rather a lot of studenty musicians hell-bent on eternal stardom, we headed back to our carpark and drove in the direction of Milano.