Monday, 9 March 2015

Cuba Mall (A Local's Guide to Wellington)

Cuba Mall is the section of Cuba Street that is pedestrian only. Along with Cuba Street, it is one of the most talked about sights in Wellington.

The Umbrella
I don't know why there is a large umbrella on Cuba Mall. Perhaps it's ironic, as no one can use an umbrella in Wellington unless they want a broken umbrella. I can't count the number of times I've seen a crippled brolley sticking out of a bin because it just couldn't stand up to the winds. The tricky bit is that they change direction so fast - if the wind was as strong, but constant in direction, it might be possible to use an umbrella as you could brace it, but no luck.

The Bucket Fountain
Here is a picture of the Bucket Fountain splashing children who ventured too close. The truth of it is that you can't safely walk anywhere near it without risking a spray of water dousing you. Aaaaand I'm just going to pull this sentence straight from Wikipedia: "Much of the water does not reach the buckets below, but instead splashes onto pedestrians and onlookers. On windy days (common in Wellington) water is carried several metres from the fountain." I love the gross understatement that windy days are 'common' in Wellington. 

This is such a neat little gift store that I want to buy about half the stuff in here. The problem being that I don't really like decorations and I'd also be broke. The greeting cards in here are the cutest, and there is literally something for everyone (just get your eftpos card prepared as it can be a bit on the pricey side).

Japan City
Right next to Iko Iko is Japan City, which I also feel has something for everyone but in a pencils-with-anime-hamsters-on way. There are some useful things here, but mostly it's strange little items that you want but don't need (they have a whole aisle of squishy keychains that look like baked goods). It's bizarre, but affordable and perfect for someone who likes weird things. 

Viva Mexico
Cited as some of the best Mexican food in Wellington, Viva Mexico on Left Bank paints a bright picture on your palate and on your retinas. 
If you hope to enjoy quesadillas and bebidas for reasonable prices, go along and have a taste.

Stay tuned for a post on the Wellingon Night Market (coming soon to an electrical device near you).