Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Kayak Story

Kayaking - what better to do on a sunny day with minimal wind? But there can be dangers!
Now these kayaks aren't really meant to hold more than one person, but we had two on each kayak. This may be one of the contributing factors for what happened next. 

We launched with no issues. We paddled for about 50 minutes, enjoying the calm sea and looking at the expensive houses on the hillside, and then landed on a small bay that is blocked off from the main beach by a rocky outcropping. The easiest way to get there is via the water. When we pulled the kayak out of the water, I could barely move it as it was so full of water. We knew that one took on more water than the other, but this was excessive. We tipped it all out and sealed it up, then explored a cave and sat in the sun for a bit. 

When we set off again, we knew that we had to checked how low the nose was dipping in case we had to land again. After all, we didn't want to sink a kayak. After only a few minutes, it was dipping frighteningly and I told Yannick to paddle back to shore. We had only just got back past the rocks when we landed. The kayak was once again full up with water. Knowing we wouldn't be able to paddle it back all the way along the beach as it would just fill up again, we decided to wheel it back along the beach, and someone would paddle the second kayak back in the sea.

I got to paddle back in the perfectly buoyant yellow kayak, and had great fun. We still have to find out why the blue kayak is sick, but we think there must be a leak somewhere.
On the long walk back with the kayak wheels, we ate the blueberries Yannick's mum gave us and it made the walk much more enjoyable. I don't want all this summer fruit and sun to come to an end.