Thursday, 11 September 2014

Streets off Lambton Quay (A Local's Guide to Wellington)

Cafe Breton

The predecessor of this cafe was Bistro Breton in the suburb of Kelburn. Now based on Brandon Street, the creperie is smaller but serves the same traditional French food.
Me on the left has a caramel crepe, and me on the right has a galette with goats cheese, walnuts and honey. We shared a bottle of French cider.

Alaturka kebabs
Arguably one of the best kebab houses in the CBD (and certainly the best at the Parliament end of town), Alaturka uses loads of fresh ingredients to deliver tasty and filling food that you will want to eat even when you're not on the piss at one o'clock in the morning. I appreciate that they always ask whether I want onion or not, as the answer is always no, and some places do not ask. 
Alaturka is located on Waring Taylor Street, just off Midland Park.

Juniper Bar
On the other side of Midland Park, Juniper Bar can be found on Johnston Street. As the name may suggest, there are many gin-based drinks amid a huge list of cocktails (all of which are only $10 each on Fridays). They have fruity drinks and creamy drinks, sour drinks and sweet drinks. Whatever your taste, you will find something you like. Their bar snacks are better than your average bar snack, but also more expensive. I usually get the kumara chips. 
They do a good Pimm's cup. I had to mention it. I love Pimm's (perhaps that makes me biased). 

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