Monday, 27 January 2014

Too beautiful!

Polignano A Mare, Italy

This was one of the first towns we visited after coming back on the ferry from Greece (yes, I still have to post my Olympia blog, I'm getting to it). It was situated on some lovely cliffs that had been eroded away underneath by the water over time. Yannick informs me it is called Polignano a Mare. I am well informed. 
We had a wander around, and got some focaccia bread with cherry tomatoes baked into it. It was amazing! 

Trani, Italy

Further up the coast, past Bari (which we did not visit because we heard it had a crime problem), we came to Trani with its grand cathedral. Having a bell tower was commonplace, but an archway within the bell tower was more unique. 

That day, there was a wedding on at the cathedral. Still wanting a picture inside the archway, I walked in there and a large Italian man in a suit and talking on his phone tried to hide behind a pillar on the left of this photo. The pillar was a bit small for him. 

A pigeon resting. 

Trani had several churches in addition to the cathedral. By this one you can see a man filling up a lot of water bottles from the public well.
As we were looking at another church that we didn't get a picture of, an elderly couple approached us. The man said "Italiano?" And thinking he wanted directions, we said we only spoke English. Without missing a beat, he came closer to me and exclaimed "too beautiful!" And gabbed my nose, shaking it slightly. I giggled nervously and they walked away. It was exceedingly odd. Yannick still quotes the man occasionally, Italian accent and nose twiddle included. 

We ate gelato at an outdoor cafe, but it was quite windy and my hair kept blowing in it. Just like Wellington. There were a few tall flower pots by the gelateria and one turned into a flower pot of destruction! By which I mean the wind blew it over and everything inside it spilled out and someone had to clean it up.

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