Sunday, 23 June 2013

I give the fruit a 9/10

Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong

Not being overly fond of airplane food, we were amazed when we were booking our flights with Cathay Pacific. We were expecting the typical food option and the vegetarian option but were met with a long list to choose from. The fruit platter sounded the most appealing.
I didn't have high hopes for it but was left impressed. Everything was ripe and tasty except for the slightly out-of-place half strawberry. 
So far I've greatly enjoyed the journey. I get lots of cut up fruit brought to me, and even better: I can sit around under a blanket for 12 hours watching movies and not feel unproductive. Here's to another 16 hours of the same. 

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  1. Hey.. I'm reading your blog. Keep it up. I love this kind of stuff